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Moggie & Doggie

"We cannot tell you how much we appreciate that you and your professional staff have always been there for us over the past six years...even at short notice."
Geoff & Lindy Rimmer, Fairlight

"I have to take my hat off to Robbie. It seems that each time she walks with Sally it buckets down with rain!!"
Michelle Crowe, Tony Payne; Avalon

"We think it is so wonderful to have such reliable, responsible, caring people look after our much-loved furry critters."
Jack & Brenda Rosenthal, Church Point

Sam & Mr. Mosley
"We were very impressed with the care taken; our dogs were very happy. You do a wonderful job and are very professional."
Robbie & Rod Murray, Elanora

Jasper & Matilda
Jasper & Matilda
"We couldn't go away if we didn't have Moggie & Doggie. Thank you for looking after our precious hounds. Gladly recommend you to anyone."
Karen Rowley,
Collaroy Plateau

Jess & Romi
Evan Ahern, Newport

Herbert & Hugh
"Thank you again for finding the tick on Herbert. I'm extremely grateful, and so is Hugh. I don't know what we'd do if anything happened to him."
Melanie Yandell, Curl Curl

"The quality of care is just fantastic."
Francis Covich, Narraweena

Aristotle & Homer
"It is such a comfort knowing I can rely on Moggie & Doggie to care for my pets whenever we go away. I always know they will be well looked after."
Evi Joannou, Cromer

Chilli & Buster
"So love the report cards - they always make me laugh!"
Cindy Jones, Cromer

"Poppy absolutely loves Rebecca. I'm getting quite jealous!"
Julie Hancock,
(formerly) Collaroy

Dog Walking and Dog Minding

For many of us the idea of not having a dog or two around to share life with isn't worth thinking about. The problem nowadays is that with long working hours, bumper-to-bumper traffic and busy social calendars, you don't have as much time to give your dogs the exercise they need. Then there are the holiday trips where taking a dog is impractical or impossible.

Moggie & Doggie is ready to help in either case.

Walkin' If for one reason or another you're unable give your dog enough exercise, we will do it for you. One of our professional carers will walk your dog on a lead from your home. Once or twice a day. For half an hour, an hour or even 90 minutes. Cleaning up whenever necessary. And lavishing heaps of attention on a regular basis.

When you first ring to inquire, we will determine the suitability of your dog for our services. Don't be surprised at how many questions we ask. Once we're both in agreement, we always try to meet you and your dog beforehand to learn when and where you normally go for a walk...and at what sort of pace. We find out whether your dog has any phobias like postmen or thunderstorms or currently has any medical conditions and/or is on medication. And we make a note of the veterinary practice you use.

Health & tick check - On each visit, we will run a basic health check on your pet(s). We are all trained to look out for ear, eye and skin infections, bladder and stomach problems and fleas. Most importantly in this area, we will check for ticks. All year round. Not only are we all pretty skilled at finding these dangerous pests, we are very familiar with the symptoms of tick poisoning and well aware of the importance of seeking professional help straightaway.

Janice & Pals Incidentally, if you'd like to learn more about ticks, the website of Pittwater Animal Hospital has a knowledgeable and comprehensive page describing when and where paralysis ticks are most prevalent in this area, how to find and remove them, progressive signs of tick poisoning and, most important, the best ways to prevent them. To check it out, just click Tick Advice.

Besides inspecting your dog, we also check your home to make sure everything's secure. We'll clean up any dog poo in your yard. And refill all water bowls.

Additional services - If you have an active dog that needs a more energetic session, we will assign our fittest dog walkers. As well as providing all the services normally associated with dog walking, we will include a trip to the local park for a swim, play or ball chasing. You pick the time that's most convenient for you and your dog(s).

Leaving your dog at home for us to look after while you're away makes good sense for several reasons. For starters, he or she won't have to adapt to a foreign environment or share quarters with strangers. Instead, your dog will eat, play and sleep the same as usual. Plus you'll be able to enjoy the added security that comes from having your dog at home to give unwanted guests serious second thoughts.

Check-off List Either once or twice, even three times a day a Moggie & Doggie minder will be there to offer the kind of quality time all dogs appreciate, even crave. At the same time we will carry out our health and tick checks and provide the daily exercise essential to any dog's well-being.

Other pets - Our minding service doesn't stop with your dog. We also look after your other pets. Cats, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, rats, ferrets, fish, turtles, whatever - we will see that they're properly fed and where necessary clean their cages too.

It's a good idea to put everything we will need in one place so we don't have to spend valuable bonding time hunting for it. The list to the right gives you an idea of the sort of items we generally need. We will also like to know where your dog is used to eating and whether there are any special feeding instructions.

House & garden - The Moggie & Doggie service continues on. We will water any thirsty indoor plants. Collect the mail. Put out the rubbish. See to the pool. Water the garden. Remove leaves from the footpath. Turn lights on and off, and generally give your house a lived-in look. For a more complete description of what we do during our in-home dog minding service, just click House & Garden.

To discover the benefits of our service compared to your other options, please check out Why Us.

Poppy Report cards - After each visit we leave behind an itemised report (only one when we visit twice on the same day) showing the name of the minder and what he or she did, i.e., tick inspection, home security check, dog walk, mail collection, indoor plants watered, etc. If you're like most of our customers, you'd also like to know what your dog got up to during our visits. So we add comments about any interesting or unusual occurrences.

For instance, we reported on one dog that eats around the green bits in his dry food. Then there's the beagle and cat that take turns chasing each other. And the poodle that brings the balls we throw to the cat.

Pricing - The cost of a regular half-hour visit is $35. Holiday visits start from $35 per half hour for one dog, which includes all the ancillary services like looking after your mail, plants, pool, etc. If you'd like us to make two visits a day, the price remains the same however many animals you want us to look after. But if we're only visiting once a day, we will charge you a little extra for additional pets. For more specific information, just phone us on either of the numbers above and to the left.