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Moggie & Doggie

"The extra touches, such as bringing in the garbage bins and the mail, were really appreciated by not just us but my sister also."
Michelle Crowe, Tony Payne; Avalon

"Thank you for looking after my garden and pool when I was away - it was greatly appreciated. The extra attention to detail was a pleasant surprise and more than I was expecting. I will certainly be calling on you again."
Janet Bamford, Frenchs Forest

House & Garden Minding

The whole idea of going off on holidays is to get away from it all, relax and enjoy yourself. Knowing that your pets are being looked after in their own homes by professionals makes such enjoyment all the more possible. But if you're like most home owners, you'll still worry about the house and garden. You might ask neighbours to "look after the place," but you can't be sure they'll be as conscientious as you'd like.

Holiday services
Supervised Sweeping That's why at Moggie & Doggie we don't limit our area of responsibility to your pets. We want you to be able to totally relax while you're away. So as part of our minding service, we look after your house and garden as well as your pets.

Here's what we do.

Basic - On every visit we will carry out health checks, including a search for ticks, and administer any necessary medication. We will feed your pet(s), including turtles and fish, and refill water bowls. Clean cat litter on each and every visit. Clean any bird, rabbit, guinea pig, mice, rat and/or ferret cages. And take your dog(s) for a professional walk (on a lead) around the neighborhood (cleaning up when required).

Extras - That's just for starters. We will also do the following:

  • Make a security check of your premises
  • Collect the mail, stack and sort it the right way up
  • Stack newspapers in a separate pile
  • Check plants and water where necessary
  • Clear the sink(s) of waste matter, wash utensils, wipe benchtops
  • Wash food packaging before disposal
  • Seal any waste in plastic bag(s) and dispose of in outside bin
  • Put out/bring in garbage and recycling bins
  • Remove dog poo from your yard
  • Water your garden on Wednesdays and Sundays when requested
  • Clear paths and entrance of fallen leaves and other such debris
  • Skim leaves from pool and empty the filter box
  • Alternate lights and blinds
  • Check for any other signs of an obviously vacant house.

(By the way, the cat supervising the sweeping in the photo above is Hamish.)

When you return home, we want everything to be just the way you left it. Your pets should be fit and healthy, your house neat and clean, your indoor plants alive and well, your garden tidy and flourishing.

It's the best way we know to ensure you phone us the next time you're going away.