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Moggie & Doggie

Ernie & Scottie
The Boys
"The boys were very happy when we got back. It is always a relief knowing you are keeping an eye on them."
Sue Alexander, Narrabeen

Mac & Reeb
Evan Ahern, Newport

"I've been a Moggie & Doogie customer since its inception 10 years ago. Because I've been ill for the last 15 months, carers have been coming by every day to look after my cats. They're extremely pleasant people and I'm very pleased to recommend them to anyone with pets."
Mollie Borthwick,
Collaroy Plateau

Max (without Tabitha)
"You obviously understand cats very well. Other 'baby-sitters' aren't always on the same wavelength."
Anne Rafferty, Balgowlah

"We think it is so wonderful to have such reliable, responsible, caring people look after our much-loved furry critters."
Jack & Brenda Rosenthal, Church Point

Lenny (w/Mike)
"Couldn't do without Moggie & Doggie's help - and best of all, Lenny is totally relaxed about it. In fact, he likes to think the house is his and prefers it when we're not there! Thanks so much to you all."
Michelle & Mike Berriman, Narrabeen

Phantom & Tress
"Thanks so much for looking after our cats so well. You make leaving them so easy. And I love the comments describing what they've been up whilst we were missing them so much."
Kate Gordon, Balgowlah

Zoe (without Tom)
"Thank you for everything. You give me total peace of mind when I'm away."
Janet Zonies, Davidson

Cat Minding

Cats aren't like other pets; each one is an individual. Once he or she has established a personal routine, that's the way things should be. Any disruption is decidedly unwelcome. Cats also become very attached to their homes. And they don't readily abide the smell or sight of fellow felines.

Needless to say, sticking your cat in a cattery or leaving him or her with the vet when you go away isn't likely to be greeted with much enthusiasm. (Ever notice how no other pet can give dirty looks like a cat?)

That's where Moggie & Doggie can help. Big time.

We pick up where you leave off
Aaaaah When we mind your cat, just about everything stays just the way it normally is. Your pet remains in the comfort and safety of his/her own home. He/she maintains the same feeding routine without departing from the customary diet.

Either once or twice a day your Moggie & Doggie minder will be there to offer the kind of quality time all cats respond to. We know the cats we look after really enjoy the care and attention we lavish on them; the noisy purring is a dead give-away.

Best of all, your cat avoids that dreaded box and the unnerving car trip to some foreign environment.

Comb Health & tick check - On each visit, we will run a basic health check on your cat(s). We are all trained to look out for ear, eye and skin infections, bladder and stomach problems and fleas. Most importantly in this area, we will check for ticks. All year round. Not only are we all pretty skilled at finding these dangerous pests, we are very familiar with the symptoms of tick poisoning and the importance of seeking professional help straightaway.

By the way, if you'd like to learn more about ticks, the website of Pittwater Animal Hospital has a knowledgeable and comprehensive page describing when and where paralysis ticks are most prevalent in this area, how to find and remove them, progressive signs of tick poisoning and, most important, the best ways to prevent them. To check it out, just click Tick Advice.

Check-off List We also provide the daily exercise that all cats - especially younger ones - should have. Amazing how much pleasure a cat can derive from a dangling length of string or crumpled up pieces of paper. We're happy to brush cats that appreciate it. And recognising just how fussy domestic felines can be, we clean litter trays on each and every visit. By the way, we're cluey enough not to leave any doors open, which no doubt explains why we've yet to lose any customer's cat. We've also never had any problems with cats not eating.

Other pets - Our minding service doesn't stop with your cat. We also look after your other pets. Birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, rats, ferrets, fish, turtles, whatever - we will see that they're properly fed and where necessary clean their cages too.

It's a good idea to put everything we will need in one place so we don't have to spend valuable bonding time hunting for it. The list to the right gives you an idea of the sort of items we generally need. We will also like to know where your cat is used to eating and whether there are any special feeding instructions.

House & garden - The Moggie & Doggie service continues. We will water any thirsty indoor plants. Collect the mail. Put out the rubbish. See to the pool. Water the garden. Remove leaves from the footpath. Turn lights on and off, and generally give your house a lived-in look. For a more complete description of what we do during our in-home cat minding service, just click House & Garden.

Friendly Report cards - After each visit we leave behind an itemised report showing the name of the minder and what he or she did, i.e., tick check, home security check, mail collection, indoor plants watered, etc. If you're like most of our customers, you'd also appreciate knowing what your cat got up to during our visits. So we add comments about any interesting or unusual things that occurred during the visit.

For instance, we confessed to one owner of six somewhat mad cats that we have so much fun playing with them, we could stay for hours. Another cat, who really loves being groomed, literally pulls her minders to the brushing table. Then there's the cat who expects nothing more than to lie back and luxuriate in our laps. She's great therapy on otherwise hectic days.

Pricing - Holiday visits start from $40 per half hour for one cat, which includes all the ancillary services like looking after your mail, plants, pool, etc. If you'd like us to make two visits a day, the price remains the same however many animals you want us to look after. But if we're only visiting once a day, we will charge you a little extra for additional pets. For more specific information, just phone us on either of the numbers above and to the left.