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Moggie & Doggie

"Many thanks for looking after our animals so well. We no longer worry when we go away as we now know what an efficient and professional caring service you provide."
Carol Walker, Balgowlah

"I work as a vet nurse but call on Moggie & Doggie to visit my own pets - rabbits Ð when I go away. It gives me peace of mind that they will be well cared for by another animal lover. And because my pets are kept in their own stress-free environment, this service is a wonderful alternative to kennels. I highly recommend Moggie & Doggie."
Kim Clasby, Mona Vale

Gizmo & Kika
You're all bloody marvellous!!"
Andrea Bower, Curl Curl

Buster & Chester
"Thank you so much - yet again - for providing me with a wonderful service and a worry-free break. Allan does some extra things during his visits that provide the animals with that extra TLC."
Suzy Johnson, Seaforth

Pet Minding

Although most of the animals we look after are either feline or canine, we also have considerable experience with other commonly kept pets. Over the years we've cared for everything from bearded dragons to yellow-tailed black cocatoos. Horses in the paddock to koi in garden ponds. Scorpions, turtles, chooks, rats, even hermit crabs. What can we say; we love all animals, whether they're furred, feathered or scaled; have four legs or two; eight, six or no legs at all.

Indian Ringnecks Birds - Budgies, finches, cockatiels, canaries, parrots or cockatoos; whether you have just one in a cage or a whole flock in an aviary, we will see that your feathered pets are properly looked after. Every day we'll make sure there's plenty of fresh water and they have enough food, taking care to remove empty seed husks, provide fresh fruit and take away any rotting food from the cage or aviary floor. If your bird is sufficiently well-trained and used to daily exercise, we'll see it has ample flight time.

Rabbit' Rabbits - We're well aware of the need that rabbits have for company, so we're more than ready to spend some quality time with yours. If it is used to being let out for a bit of a romp around the house or garden, we'll be there to keep an eye on him or her. We'll also clean the hutch and make sure there's (high-fibre) food and clean water every day. If your rabbit expects regular grooming, just leave out the brush or comb. And rest assured, we realise rabbits need careful handling. If any lifting is necessary, we'll be very gentle.

Ferret Ferrets - Despite having felt those sharp, little teeth, we're not afraid of ferrets. In fact, we rather like their mischievous streaks. (We've even become used to their distinctive odour.) On our visits we will feed yours, provide fresh water and clean the cage. If you've gone to the trouble of ferret-proofing your house and would like us to let your pet(s) out, we're game. If you have toys that you and your ferret(s) play with, we'll play too. If you have a harness and are in the habit of taking yours for a walk, we'll do likewise.

Rodents Guineas pigs, mice, rats - Rodents can be ideal pets for young children or where space is at a premium. They also don't eat much. Speaking of which, we'll see that your guinea pigs get all the Vitamin C they need along with other any other supplements they particularly enjoy. And we'll clean up after them. If you have rats and/or mice, we feed them exactly what and how much you tell us. Make sure they have fresh water each day. And when it's time to clean their cage, we'll fearlessly reach in and remove them.

Fish Fish - Fresh water or salt, aquarium or backyard pond, whatever kind of fish you have and wherever you keep them, we're happy to mind them. Because we're well aware of the dangers of overfeeding fish, we'll follow your instructions precisely. We'll make sure the filter is working and keep an eye on the water temperature and pH level. If you have a marine aquarium and need the specific gravity checked or some of the water changed, we'll do that as well.

Lizards Lizards, turtles - In accordance with your instructions, we'll feed your lizards several times a week, making sure to give their vitamin and mineral mix. We'll see that fresh water is always available, the temperature is okay and they're getting their daily ration of UV light. And we'll clean the vivarium. If you have a turtle, we'll prepare their food and, after feeding, remove whatever's uneaten. We'll check the pH level and temperature, clean the aquarium and make sure your UV light system is working.

Geese Farm animals - A number of our customers have acreages with a variety of ducks and geese, chooks, goats, horses, etc. They - the customers - just tell us who gets fed what and when, and we do it. (We haven't milked any cows yet.) Where cages, pens or stables need cleaning, we roll up our sleeves and do that too. Naturally, if there are dogs or cats on the property, we look after them as well.