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Moggie & Doggie

Herbert & Hugh
"Thank you again for finding the tick on Herbert. I'm extremely grateful, and so is Hugh. I don't know what we'd do if anything happened to him."
Melanie Yandell, Curl Curl

"We are only able to go on holidays these days because we know that Janice and her team will be giving KC all the caring and loving that she needs...and demands! You guys are absolutely the best."
Tania Netterfield, Narrabeen

Mac & Reeb
Evan Ahern, Newport

"Thank you for giving me such a great opportunity. I've had a lot of fun and experiences I'll never forget! I've loved meeting all the animals, and you've been an absolutely terrific boss - too nice by far."
Caroline Mashman
Pittwater Animal Hospital

Floyd & Onassis
Evi Joannou, Cromer

Jess and Romi
"Moggie & Dopggie are part of the family. They love our dogs as much as we do and have never let us down. I can't recommend them highly enough."
Evan Ahern, Newport

Buster & Chester
"Thank you so much - yet again - for providing me with a wonderful service and a worry-free break. Allan does some extra things during his visits that provide the animals with that extra TLC."
Suzy Johnson, Seaforth

Oliver & Bear
"The boys are always tired, which is great."
Megan Patterson, Collaroy

"Thank you very much for looking after our small, four-legged maniac while we were away. I am aware that, as a Cornie, he is rather more attention-seeking, active and vocal than your average domestic cat, but you obviously provided great care."
Marian Shapiro, Bayview

Simon, Nikki, Mark & Chook
"You're all bloody marvelous!!"
Andrea Bower, Curl Curl

Tabitha & Tess
"We cannot tell you how much we appreciate all that you and your professional staff do. For more than six years you always been there to help us out√Čeven at short notice."
Geoff & Lindy Rimmer, Fairlight

Wuss Wuss
"You are the best!!"
Rachel Cohen, Church Point

"No probs with your fee update. You are not a charity and people should pay for good service. Thanks for your great effort."
Sarah Waddington, Balgowlah

"I came to work for Moggie & Doggie a couple of years ago, and it turned out to be more than a job. I developed many special relationships with our clients (animal and human), and there is nothing more rewarding than the greetings I received from excited pets.
The position was great for my lifestyle; I could work independently while still having close support from Janice and Kylie. Besides flexibility, it also provided the opportunity to exercise outdoors as well as all the nice responsibilities of caring for pets."

Kim Clasby,
Mona Vale Veterinary Hospital

Why You Should Choose Us to Mind Your Pet

Moggie & Doggie began looking after Peninsula pets in 1996. Over the years since we have amassed a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of animal care, especially where local conditions play a part. For instance, the high heat and humidity common to the Northern Beaches not only influence exercise regimes, they also contribute to the most serious health hazard faced by moggies and doggies in this area. Paralysis ticks. As a result, we check each animal for these nasty parasites every single time we visit. (We discover them regularly.)

The Team

Our years in business have also taught us exactly how to provide you with the peace of mind you seek. As pet owners ourselves, we know just how hard it is to leave behind a loved member of the family, whether for a day or several weeks. That's why we first determine exactly what it is that you and your pet(s) expect. The type and length of exercise, special dietary needs and any health conditions are typical daily essentials. But we accommodate specials needs as well. To give you an idea, one young Labrador we look after suffers from osteochrondrosis, a bone disease that precludes exercise where his body isn't supported. So we take him swimming.

Where appropriate we learn what plants need watering, how often the pool filter should be cleaned and where the rubbish bins are kept. As a matter of course we collect and sort newspapers and mail, clean up poo from your yard and make security checks. We also realise the importance of taking into account your neighbours' needs. For a fuller description of our services, just click House & Garden.

Pricing - The cost of a regular half-hour visit is $35. Holiday visits start from $40 per half hour for one animal, which includes all the ancillary services like looking after your mail, plants, pool, etc. If you'd like us to make two visits a day, the price remains the same however many animals you want us to look after. But if we're only visiting once a day, we will charge you a little extra for additional pets. For more specific information, just phone us on either of the numbers above and to the left.

The alternatives
We could go on telling you how great we are and how well we will look after your pet(s), but it might be more useful if we look at your other choices.

Kennels - Many people, when going away for any length of time, will leave their dogs in a kennel. In most cases, the animals will be none the worse for wear when they're picked up after their stay. Some will have really enjoyed themselves. However, because not all kennels are the same, there are a few things you should look out for.

On on One Is exercise an optional extra? Will walks on a lead take place more than once a day? And last any longer than 10 minutes? Will someone play one-on-one with your dog? Will there be plenty of pats and cuddles? Will your dog be mixing with others and, if so, will they be supervised? Just how much of your dog's time will be spent with other inmates?

Dog stacking (not to be confused with the similarly questionable practice of branch stacking) is where two or more dogs share the same run. While the kennel operator will probably be quick to point out your dog will have plenty of company this way and be more likely to get exercise, you probably won't hear that such arrangements just happen to be more profitable. Most likely you also won't hear about unfamiliar dogs competing for food, suffering anxiety or being bitten. And, of course, living in close proximity to another dog increases the chances of catching something. There's a reason kennel cough is called kennel cough.

Kennels also charge per animal.

Catteries - The main problem with these places is that the cages tend to be quite small and often stacked on top of and right along side each other. Not an ideal situation for a cat that much prefers its own company. Aside from inducing stress, such conditions are also downright dull. Other problems found in catteries include a lack of exercise, no natural light or outside views, an absence of climate control and noisy dog kennels right next door.

Catteries charge per animal, too.

Coat Pic Vets - A number of veterinary practices will provide relatively inexpensive boarding for cats. However, the cages can be very small and the exercise time limited to whenever someone has a few spare moments. With many local practices, this can be next to never.

Vets also charge by the animal.

Friends or relatives - The great advantage of leaving your pet with someone you know is cost. Usually, all that's expected is a token of your appreciation when you return. If that. When the carer lives in your home, there's the additional benefit of no disruption to your pet's environment. They don't have to give up the familiar, roomy conditions they're used to.

However, there are a few serious downsides. Friends or relatives may not be able to recognise when your pet is injured or not well. Or, worse, has been bitten by a tick. They could also be unreliable. We've known of instances where friends would forget to show up, decide not to live in the house after agreeing to, not bother with exercise, under or over feed and not refill water bowls. We've even heard of members of the immediate family who, not being huge fans of a certain pet, would take their responsibilities as a minder somewhat more lightly than was anticipated.

Cats at Home Professional in-home care - In a way, having a professional minder live in your home might sound like the best of both worlds. You get a responsible, knowledgeable carer and your pet gets to stay where he or she is most comfortable. At the same time though you're giving up quite a bit of your privacy to a stranger. And however much such people might love animals, there's no guarantee they will treat your home and possessions quite they way you'd want.

In-house pet minders can also cost a fair bit.

Independents - There are always new individuals appearing on the scene who love animals and think nothing could be better than being paid to look after other people's pets. For the most part, their hearts are in the right place. But their knowledge and experience can vary markedly. Moreover, they have no one to fall back on if they get sick. Or if they decide they'd rather have the weekend to themselves. Or if you need them the same time they're looking after another customer.

This latter situation has led to an unfortunate new trend. Many independents are now resorting to walking groups of dogs from different owners together. Oftentimes the dogs don't get on all that well. And even when they do, they can be quite a handful to control, especially when let off their leads in a park. (At Moggie & Doggie we never mix dogs from different owners.)

Janice, Kylie The Moggie & Doggie solution
Janice Bates knows all about the pitfalls of being a one-woman band. She originally established Moggie & Doggie on her own at the same time she was working as a veterinary nurse. A combination of very long hours and having to turn away people made her realise that it was one job or the other. So she took a small business course and set out in earnest.

As Moggie & Doggie became more established, Janice began recruiting. Today, Janice and Kylie Darkiewicz, who has been with us for more than seven years, work full time. (That is Kylie on the right with Janice in the photo.) To help make sure no customers are turned away - even in busy school holiday periods - we also employ some 15 fully trained professionals, many of whom are, or have been, nurses, scientists, psychologists, nannies and dog trainers. A few are former customers. All have loads of animal experience and their own much-loved pets at home.

Join Us Would you like to join us? - We are always on the lookout for animal lovers who are fit and energetic and possess good communication skills. You can be male or female and anywhere from 20 to 50 years of age, even older if you're up for it. Veterinary experience is useful but not mandatory. We do our own training, using a 30-page manual that Janice has compiled based on her considerable experience with all sorts of pets in this area.

You should have use of a car and a mobile phone. Naturally, it helps if you live in the Northern Beaches area. If you're interested in becoming part of a great team of dedicated people, just call Janice or Kylie on 0414 507 022.